What Is The Role Of Injustice In Criminal Justice

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Race has always been America’s deepest dilemma. As long as racism is in the criminal justice we the people would never be equal. One out of every four African Americans are expected to end up behind bars. With evidence for proof and cases after cases African Americans are still fighting to be heard. They been fighting to be heard for years and is still being overpowered by the criminal justice system. They’re willing to give people life in prison because they “looked” like they committed the crime. Policies are even shooting random people because they look suspicious. We are all entitled to safety but not everyone feel safe. What hurts the most is that the people that are suppose to protect us and keep us safe are the ones that 's hurting and making us feel unsafe.
Living life as a African American is very hard when everything is based off skin color and being black has become a substitute with being a criminal. Since all African Americans are labeled as criminals even African American professionals have to worry
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Hear the tempo so compelling, hear the blood throb in my veins. Yes, my drums are beating nightly, and the rhythms never change. Equality, and I will be free. Equality, and I will be free” is a famous poem by Maya Angelou. That 's exactly how African Americans feel.They feel trapped in a world that doesn 't hear your cries for help. Knowing that you did nothing wrong but your life 's on the line is really painful. Without equality they 'll never be free. As evidenced by countless criminal court cases in the United States and different entercounters with the policies racial discrimination is still a major problem in the criminal justice system. African Americans will never give up. Until there 's equality and fairness they will continue fighting to be heard. Even if they have to continue protesting, they will be
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