Persuasive Essay On Blue Lives Matter

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Every child gets “The REAL Talk,” but every talk is different. For most African Americans the the talk includes how the world is not a fair place if a person is different, if African Americans want to get somewhere, they have to work twice as hard, and In the US last year, 223 African Americans were killed by police due to police brutality. One third of those people were unarmed, and should not have been seen as a threat, but they were still killed. 12 of these people were under the age of 18. African Americans should not have to be scared to go outside any day thinking they might not make it home. African Americans feel targeted in today’s society because so many innocent African Americans are being incarcerated, shot, and killed. Since 2001, it is 6.1 times likelier to be incarcerated as a black man than a white man. This is all because of skin color. Black Lives Matter (BLM) was a group created to raise awareness for the heinous acts the have presented itself to the black community …show more content…

This is what started the Blue Lives Matter movement, a movement for police officers to be protected. Due to a spike in police deaths the government imposed harsher laws against assaulting, harming, or killing a police officers. The BLM community is concerned because they feel like they are taking a step backwards in the relationships between the community and its people with the local police officers. Lots of people are saying that the movement is unjust because they believe that “All Lives Matter,” but the movement is just simply pointing out that African Americans are being wrongfully targeted and killed. The movement is trying to prove that all of our lives should be equal not one life is better than the

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