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I have decided to observe and study the effects that humans have on the Appalachian Trail. With so many hikers coming through year round, there will most definitely be traces of humans along the trail besides just trail markers and signs. Things such as trash, lost supplies or other items that may have adverse effects on the environment are likely to be seen on the trail, my goal is to clean these things up and at the same time get a better understanding of the true impact humans have on the trail. The Appalachian trail, while still relatively unfamiliar to me intrigues me. From as far back as I can remember, my family and I have been traveling up to New York to the Adirondack mountains to camp, hike, swim and so much more. My Uncle John hiked the Appalachian trail around 7 years ago, and the beauty and majesty that he brought forth in just a few stories makes me want to help go and maintain such a remarkable piece of American culture. I would love to hike the Appalachian …show more content…

Strip mining is not only devastating for the local wildlife, but also for people who live in towns nearby. With numerous reports of illness from tainted water caused by the harmful runoff from strip mining in surrounding streams, you can see why this is such a disastrous issue that needs to be investigated. I will be using a variety of different resources such as the book Lost Mountain, A year in the Vanishing Wilderness. I will also use databases such as Explora, and websites devoted to the topic of plundering of the Appalachian Mountains 5. Everyone on the Appalachian trail needs to understand that every little thing that you do, whether it’s as massive as destroying a beautiful mountain peak in search of coal or other resources, to leaving a granola bar wrapper on the trail, you are in someway changing the ecosystem of

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