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The practice of assisted suicide continues to be controversial. Is it inhumane to assist another person in his/her own death? Many States are attempting to legalize assisted suicide. As a result many people’s personal stories have arose to the surface; because of this many dangers and complications have been brought to light.
Assisted suicide has been practiced for many years and has been long discussed. "Assisted suicide involves one person providing the means and instructions to help another person commit suicide." (“Fast Facts Assisted Suicide”) Assisted suicide and suicide is a right to all citizens, the prevention of this act by the government is a violation of religious freedoms. If the government were to prevent people doing this, it …show more content…

A wife called 911 after her husband had taken drugs to assure his death, but his physical symptoms were so odd she had and ambulance come and he was revived. “Patients did not become unconscious, awoke, or lingered far longer than expected in 14% of assisted suicides.”(Problems Associated with Assisted Suicide, Patients Rights Council). When trying to commit suicide a man experienced many complications. His brother in law had to step in and help him making is assisted suicide.
In 7% of all assisted suicide cases, complications occur, as in muscle spasms, intense gasping, and vomiting. Doctors, who run into problems in attempted suicides, administer euthanasia in 18% of patient cases. Problems Associated with Assisted Suicide, Patients Rights Council. Many problems occur with the barbiturates taken through assisted suicide. Barbiturates are the most common substances used for assisted suicide in Oregon and in the Netherlands. Overdoses of barbiturates are known to cause distress: ◦extreme gasping and muscle spasms can occur. Occasionally in some cases the patient does not lose consciousness or a person will vomit and then inhale their own vomit. The patient can also feel feeling of terror, panic, and behavior issues caused by the drug induced

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