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As we all known since learning science especially courses that related biology, the word cell is the basic function unit of life. However, cell only consider as one unit. It cannot function to sustain a life for an organism. Imagine that if only a person work in government in a country, is it possible to sustain a country? Definitely no. So, cell usually work together as a group and this group which is called tissues.
Tissue is form by a group of cell that usually rise up from a common embryonic origin. While the function of a tissue is carry out specialized activity to sustain an organism’s life.
Tissues have various structures, while the structure and properties of a specific tissue always influenced by few factors. For Instant, the nature of the extracellular
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It is consider mature bone cell and principle cell of bone tissue. It developed from the osteoblast. Since it become mature, it no longer secrete matrix. Indeed, they have become entrapped in the matrix secretion. However, their function now is to maintain cellular activities of bone tissue.
Osteoclasts. It is a huge cell, it form by fusing of a group of monocyte. Its membrane is folded into a ruffled border. The cell will release powerful enzyme(lysosome) and acid. This is to digest mineral and protein of the underlying bone. It is good because this destruction of bone will give a pathway to the development, growth and repair of the bone.

Compact bone tissue
This tissue form the external layer of all bones. It also gives support and provide protection. More important is, compact bone tissue resists stresses that developed by weight and movement. It consists of Haversian system. This system contains central canal, canaliculi, osteocytes, lacunae, lamellae.
Compact bone tissue is arranged in units called osteon, or in other words, called Haversian systems. The nerves, lymphatic vessels or even blood vessels from the periosteum penetrate the compact bone through Volkmann’s

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