Skeleton Chapter 6 Summary

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Chapter six welcomes us into the skeletal system by presenting functions,types,structure, and development of bones. We are also presented the ideas of fractures and even the spine- curling snap of a broken bone which means a band aid simply won 't do! For example, Hematoma formation , Fibrocartilaginous callus, Bony callus ,and Remolding must occur to heal ,aka 3-10 weeks in a signature infested cast ,and if the break eventuated* on your arm, a complementary farmer 's tan. The Axial Skeleton makes an appearance by explaining itself as lying in the middle of the body and consisting of the skull, hyoid bone, vertebral column, thoracic cage, and middle ear bones. The complexity, physiology and delicate fashions of each member of this group is expressed. The Appendicular Skeleton compliments the axial for without the appendicular you would be unable to walk or wave "Hi" because you guessed it , it is composed of your appendages or if you will arms and legs. Until this point in …show more content…

The bacon that was receiving an all expense paid nip-tuck by yours truly allowed me to see and feel organs,tissues,muscles and bones that were a mirror image to those functioning within me . Mr. Adams had an excellent point when he said," If you try and take a cat apart to see how it works, the first thing you have on your hands is a non-working cat." The beauty is that in that non-working carcass lies medical technology, tomorrow, fun sized organs that resemble human life, and numerous attributes to all branches of tree of knowledge. Which as a hopeful mortician learning of any system let alone the skeletal and muscular system. How amazing is it that out of death we find ways to preserve life and throughout life we ponder death and what follows it ? Science is an ever-changing ,contagious disease, and until every question is cured or put to death its up to people like me to dissect and

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