Corruption In The Middle East Essay

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When an official of a government or business is acting dishonestly, we say that this person is corrupt. When things are not going on their regular track, it means there is something going in a wrong way and we called it corruption. Corruption is a serious problem in many countries around the world especially in the Middle East. The key point for the problems in most of the countries is corruption. There are several different kinds of corrupt practices, including bribes, kickbacks, nepotism, and embezzlement. A bribe is a payment of money or some other benefit, in exchange for a decision that would not otherwise be made and would be in favor of a person or group. For example, an accused criminal might bribe a judge so that the judge would make a decision of "not guilty." This will lead to face a big problem. What about if all the criminals pay bribes? Therefore, we end up with a society which is full of criminals. This is not good. A criminal is a criminal, and money should not play any roles, because if money take role, what will be the role of laws and justice? Another example is that a business owner might bribe a government official so that the official would allow the construction of very unsafe buildings. This is a very dangerous threat on the civilians because if the building broke, the victims would be simple people mostly.…show more content…
For example, governments sometimes decide which company should build a road. A company might offer money to the government official who makes the decision, so that this company will be chosen, even if it is not the best company for the job. The result of this would be the accidents that kill thousands of people because they will not build the road well. This will prevent us from having amazing engineering projects that the companies provide because corruption cannot build amazing

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