Essay On Crown Corporations Vs Canada Economy

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Did you enjoy being told what to do? Of course not! Everyone prefers when they get to make their own decisions in any situation. Canada should shift into a more Market Economic system. Canada has a very different economic system than America. America features a more market economic model where the individual owns most businesses and the consumers will decide to want the wants and needs are. There is little to no government intervention - how it should be everywhere. In Canada, this is not the case. In Canada, the government has more crown corporations, which lowers competition and raises prices. In addition, Canada has heaps of laws and bylaws limiting businesses profit or revenue. To pay for these more left-wing laws Canadians have to give …show more content…

Compared to the United States, Canada has something like seven or eight times more crown corporations. Which is insane how much the government controls competition. If you want evidence of all of the crown corporations that Canada has compared to the United States, just search up how many the United States has then search up the same for Canada and you will see the difference instantly. Examples of just the well known in Canada are CBC, Bank of Canada, Canada Post, Royal Canadian Mint and that is just skimming the top of the most known. With Canada having seven or eight times more crown corporations, then the United States they have more power over resources than the citizens - which is the majority of the country. The United States has way more control over everything they want or need to sustain them self. The Americans have more control over their banks, insurance, broadcasting companies, and plenty more than that. Crown corporations also have a high operation cost which leads to an increase in the money taxpayers have to pay which is a total rip off on our side. The more crown corporations Canada has the higher the tax you will have to pay to keep them operational. One of the crown corporations cost about 327 million to operate in 2013. In all Canada has seven or eight times more crown corporations which result in less control over wants and needs, and an increase in tax for taxpayers in

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