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Cumulative voting is a voting system that has multiple winners to promote proportional representation, opposed to a ‘winner- take- all’ system. Predominantly found in corporate governance, it was used in the late 19th century England, also to elect the Illinois House of Representatives. Another approach to cumulative voting, described as ‘multi-voting’, has been used by group facilitators to prioritize options generated by brainstorming.
Cumulative voting can also helps minorities, making them a stronger unit all together to alter the outcome. Say there is a like-minded minority group that make up 20% of a city. By concentrating their voted to the representatives of their choice, they are more likely to achieve some form of representation …show more content…

A owns 6 shares of the company, and B owns 4 shares, putting him at 40%. You also have five directors. A receives 30 M&M’s, B receives 20 M&M’s. They can give the M&M’s to the candidate of their choice. Either stacking all of them onto one candidate, giving away the other five seats, or divide them among the candidates to work toward multiple winning seats.
The formula used to determine the number of votes to elect a majority is X= (SN/D+1) + 1. X= number of shares needed to elect a given number of directors. S= Number of shares at the meeting. N= Amount of directors needed. D= Amount of directors needed. The formula used to determine how many directors can be elected by a faction controlling a certain number of shares is N= ((X-1) x (D+1))/S. N becoming the number of directors which can be elected and X becoming the number of shared control.
In conclusion, the cumulative voting form is very useful in large numbers for multiple winners. It is helpful in making an election fair, to help make sure everybody is represented fairly. This voting method allows those like minded to come together to help them achieve representation, a voice. Everywhere from a house of representatives to a school board, cumulative voting has been used and has been useful from the 19th century to

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