Essay On Effects Of Homelessness On Children

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Homelessness is when people are without a proper residence. They often struggle to care for their basic needs. There are many factors that trigger homelessness some of which include: loss of job, relationship breakdown, domestic violence, mental or physical health problems, and drug or alcohol abuse. People who are leaving an institution are also more exposed to becoming homeless for example a person leaving a hospital or a prison. Homelessness in Ireland is increasing significantly. The Department of the Environment reveal that over 3,143 people, including 1,118 children are homeless in Ireland at present. There is no doubt that being homeless has a serious impact on a person’s well-being. It can affect people in many different ways and on many different levels. Being homeless and the whole struggle of dealing with the situation is different for everyone. But what is the effect of homelessness on children?…show more content…
The child’s development is already effected before it is even born. The majority of homeless parents are single women, who have a high tendency to engage in alcohol and drug abuse even when pregnant. The baby may suffer from serious health problems such as defects of the face, fingers, arms, and legs. The baby is also at a higher risk of premature birth or even stillbirth. Homeless infants (1-12 months) are prone to infectious disease due to a lack of immunisations and little access to health care. A toddler (1-3 years) may suffer from development delays which may lead to behavioural and emotional problems in the future. The social, physical and academic aspects of children (3-12 years) will also be dramatically

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