Essay On Enumerated Powers

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Enumerated powers, also referred to as expressed powers, are rules or powers given to the government. The enumerated powers are a list of things the government is authorized or allowed to do. The enumerated powers of the government are directly listed in the United States Constitution. The beginning talks about the specific powers the three branches can have such as what they can do and what they should look like and be like. Some examples of enumerated powers include taxing, regulating commerce with other nations, declaring war, creating post offices, and providing a Navy.
Implied powers are powers that are not directly listed in the United States Constitution, however they are implied and still followed by the government. Implied powers are different from enumerated because they are not directly listed in the Constitution but they are similar because they are both necessary powers that are essential to the government and the people. The purpose of implied powers is for Congress to pass …show more content…

The reserved powers of the States is noted in the 10th amendment.The purpose of reserved powers is to make sure the federal government doesn’t become too strong or authoritative. Examples of reserved powers include: setting speed limits in areas, building highways, marriage laws, divorce laws, conducting elections, and setting up local governments.
In sum, there are numerous differences between enumerated, implied, and reserved powers. The enumerated powers are stated directly in the United States Constitution but the implied and reserved powers are not. Enumerated and implied powers are for the federal government but the reserved powers are not. The reserved powers are granted to state governments. Furthermore, enumerated powers and reserved powers are written down and could be found easily. The implied powers are different because they are not written down in an amendment or the

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