Essay On Ethical Issues In Nursing

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As a registered nurse, we face ethical issues every day. Some days we understand the clear cut ethical issue at hand; however, other ethical issues can be disguised. In my year and half of being an RN I have come across many ethical issues. As mentioned before, some are clear cut and others are hard to tread through. Initially, these ethical issues can make you question your job; however, after some reflection I believe these issues make us stronger nurses. One of the biggest ethical issues I have had to face recently was a patient who was being abused by his “family.” On our floor we regularly see hip fracture patients. Upon the start of my shift, one of my hip fracture patients was clearly emaciated. His ribs were obviously sticking out, he was in terrible shape. The night nurse was unaware of his condition. Upon my assessments I began to ask him questions. He stated to me that he had fallen, while trying to get up. Again, this is not uncommon (a patient falling and breaking a hip). I had asked him why he was trying to get up and he stated he had not eaten in three days and was trying to get to the freezer for some ice cream. Prior to some of these questions, a man had appeared in the room and stated he was “family.” This said “family member” was the supposed brother of this patient’ soon to be wife. The patient had some altered level of…show more content…
They had not contacted detectives; they had not collected urine, etc. We understand that she could not give consent for a rape kit, but once they sent her up to our unit, she was able to give consent. The ED eventually came up the next day to conduct a rape kit. We were all questioning why they inserted a foley as well. This would now affect her kit and any DNA left behind. We felt that the details surrounding her situation were “sketchy” to say the least and that she met criteria for a rape kit once she was able to give

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