Fidel Castro's Role In The Cuban Missile Crisis

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Section A – Plan of investigation 2
Section B – Summary of Evidence 2
Section C – Evaluation of Sources 4
Section D – Analysis 5
Section E – Conclusion 6
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How significant was Fidel Castro’s role in the Cuban missile Crisis of 1962?
Section A – Plan of investigation

This investigation assesses the significance of Fidel Castro’s role in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. To investigate Fidel Castro’s role in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the investigation is carried out through the events that took place during the Crisis, such as the reasons for the USSR missiles being positioned in Cuba and the resolution of the Crisis. In order to evaluate Fidel Castro’s role in the Crisis, he is being portrayed in comparison to the United
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Fidel plays a significant role in the Crisis in terms of alignment with a great power in conflict, resulting with an involvement in a conflict himself and the agreement of the placement of nuclear weapons on the Cuban soil, that triggered American anger even more than it had already been done after two failed invasion attempts.

Section E – Conclusion

To justify the significance of Fidel’s role in the Cuban Missile Crisis aspects such as Khrushchev’s real intentions and Kennedy’s actions must be taken into account. Knowing the lack of respect that Khrushchev had for Fidel and the amount of effort that the US put in attempting the invasion of Cuba, twice, the conclusion can be made as the Cuba was an area that was significant to the Cold War and for the two great powers to balance with each other. The amount of effort it took to solve the problem (an exchange of letters) shows that the problem wasn’t as great since it was easy to resolve.
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