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Foster Care Bill of Rights

Eisley Harrison

Northwest Christian High School

English III/H

Dr. Yoder

February 25, 2022



Foster care has been around for centuries, and opinions on it have developed as America and the

system have evolved. While the main idea has stayed the same, many details have changed over

time. Today, there are many people who believe that foster care brings nothing helpful into the

world and does more harm than good because everything has been taken from them.

Furthermore, people argue that children should never be put in foster care, but sometimes foster

care is the best option. God says that his people must serve others and take care of those …show more content…

This leads to a

need for something that lays out what rights they have and what is coming for them in the future.

Children cannot fully understand the foster care system at young ages, so having people to talk to

and a list explaining what is happening is very necessary to help make the process easier.

A common issue surrounding foster care is the effect that it has on the children involved.

Whether or not a person believes foster care is beneficial, the problems that adolescents face

while in the system are undeniable. Doyle (2010) stated, ?Those placed in foster care are far

more likely than other children to commit crimes, drop out of school, join welfare, experience

substance abuse problems, or enter the homeless population (para. 3). These statistics show that

foster children become at risk for more trouble later in life, just because of everything that they

have faced at such a young age. While this may not be the case for every child, facts like these

are what cause doubts about the foster care system. Another article stated that, as opposed …show more content…

This act leaves no room for unjust policies or questionable reasoning, but

clearly works toward helping every participant in the system. Whether it be a child, a sibling

group, a foster parent, or a family member, every person can be sure that they are being seen and

heard by the system. With this, parents can be certain that they will be able to provide every

opportunity in their power to the child, and give them the best lives possible.


Despite the dark light put on the foster care system, it is clear that the Foster Care Bill of

Rights is necessary in order to ensure the childrens? safety and inform them of the rights that

they have. It is guaranteed that the children within the system have already had a difficult life

thus far, so they must be cared for as much as possible. Even though it is unavoidable that the

child will struggle with their own mental difficulties, this act does the best work possible to help

the children through this tough journey. Foster care has a bad reputation due to the abuse

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