Essay On Gender Roles In Medea By Euripides

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The Geek society had may guidelines concerning the way men and women were treated and the roles they played within society. “The concept of gender was an integral aspect of this social hierarchy; power was not evenly distributed and only men were allowed to participate in prestige activities such as politics, law, or the military” (“The Ure Museum”). The values of gender roles within the Greek society are expressed in the play Medea by Euripides. Though Euripides tried to show the disparities of how women are treated compared to men, he still uses some of the same stereotypes exhibited within Greek society. Some issues that will be discussed are the way the women are portrayed in Greek society. Explaining why the women are being treated unfairly and the outcomes that can happen to women in the Greek society. How men are portrayed in Greek society. Explaining why men have different expectations than women and the political aspects of the male gender role in Greek society. The effects of the non-traditional roles the men and women played in the Medea play. Also, discuss the …show more content…

The author Richards of "Review/Theater; Amid Pain and Din, A Mighty Medea," describes the male characters as arrogant, condescending and egotistical. During the play Medea, the males are characterized as only interested in what will give them power and they are not concerned with the feelings of the women or Medea in the play. “The male characters in "Medea" don 't come off well. But then they never have, and Alistair Elliot 's stripped-for-action translation of the play further emphasizes [Euripides] ' feminist sympathies. Either the men are smug and patronizing (like John Turner 's Creon) or else they 're smug and self-serving (like Mr. [Tim Oliver Woodward] 's Jason). Although Aegeus (Donald Douglas) shows some understanding of Medea 's plight and promises her asylum in Athens, he 's got a prudent streak running down his back and makes it clear that she 'll have to get there by

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