Gender Roles In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey, written by Homer, introduces the idea of gender roles in ancient Greek society by telling the tale of a great hero who encountered many women on his journey. While gender roles in Ancient Greek society were more pronounced, similarities are still present in today's world and issues are ongoing. Despite the indispensable role women play in the story, they still remain undervalued. Preserving the patriarchal ideals of Ancient Greek society. The success of Odysseus's journey can be merely credited to his individual efforts, but rather heavily based on the predominant roles women played in the story who made crucial contributions, but were never given credit.
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While he did play a significant part in the success of the journey, women evidently contributed more, but he was given the credit for their actions. Athena, the god of wisdom often helped Odysseus throughout his journey and played a distinguishable part in his return. She helped free him from Clypsos Island by asking her dad, Zeus for help, “Let them all die so, all who do such things. But my heart breaks for Odysseus, that seasoned veteran cursed by fate so long— far from his loved ones still, he suffers torments” (book 1). In this quote, Athena vouches for Odysseus and finds a way to free him, by saying “But my heart breaks for Odysseus” She utilizes the gender norms of society, that women are emotional, and makes an emotional plea that influences Zeus to help Odysseus. Overall, Odysseus would still be trapped on Clypsos Island if Athena didn't help him. Another instance of women helping the eventual success of Odysseus's journey is when Cierce guides Odysseus through his upcoming voyage, “But I will set you a course and chart each seamark, so neither on sea nor land will some new trap ensnare you in trouble, make you suffer more’” (Book 12). Without her plan, she fears he will fall into “some new trap ensnare you in trouble” allowing us to assume that she does not believe he can make it through the rest of the voyage successfully, based merely on his skills

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