Essay On George And Lennie's Friendship

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In the novel Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, there is a strong relationship that is described between George and Lennie. Their friendship has been expressed in many different ways throughout the story as both characters support each other. This bond has been shown by George’s support, care, and protection with Lennie, Lennie’s want to please George, and the justification of George killing Lennie in the end of the novel. Throughout the novel, the friendship has been shown by the support and care from George. An example of support that George gave to Lennie was when he was getting attacked by Curley. In this event, Lennie was scared throughout the beat up asking “‘Make ‘um stop, George’”(Steinbeck 63) and George supported him by yelling out “‘Get ‘im, Lennie’”(Steinbeck 63) which gave Lennie enough determination to protect himself. George did not do anything besides yell support Lennie to defend …show more content…

In the end, George was justified in killing Lennie but he had trouble with killing his friend. He showed that he “shivered”(Steinbeck 106) after he shot Lennie and he wouldn’t kill a good friend without a legitimate reason. George knew that either way, Lennie would die from either Curley or he had to do it. And he did not want Curley to kill him so he made Lennie think of happy things right before his death so it can be peaceful. He was pressured. This is also proved by Slim as he knew that George had to kill Lennie. “‘You hadda, George. I swear you hadda’”(Steinbeck 107). This can connect to Candy and his old dog as he was also pressured by others to kill the dog since it was old. “At last Candy said softly and hopelessly, ‘ Awright-take ‘im’”(Steinbeck 47). Candy did not want to, he lived with the dog for a long time just like how George had been living with Lennie for a long time but both Candy and George had to kill the dog and Lennie due to pressure. George was justified in killing Lennie as there was no choice and he did not want Curley to kill

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