Essay On Human Rights Violations In Nigeria

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Throughout our planet’s history, human rights have been violated countless times, and very little efforts have been made to address these violations and protect the people’s rights. When greed grips on to people, they seem to forget all that is ethical. They are willing to sacrifice the lives of others for their own personal gain. Human rights violations in Nigeria are a perfect example of this. Oil companies have failed to respond to numerous cases of human rights abuses in the region. Whenever there is an attempt of protest from the oppressed for oil company activities and environmental damage, Nigerian security forces have repeatedly beaten, detained and even killed people. The acts by oil companies continue to trouble the Niger Delta region to …show more content…

Frustrated with the abuse they face everyday, people in the region have no choice but to protest. Multinational oil companies (MNCs) and the Nigerian government respond to these protests by public executions, restrictions placed on the rights of the people and various other abuses such as rape, and the killing of innocent civilians. These various forms of human rights violations are performed with the help of Nigerian security forces hired by multinational oil companies. Despite all the countless violations and abuses by the oil companies, the region 's inhabitants are still yet to receive a proper procedure for pressing charges and seeking justice. When the Nigerian government does come up with a plan to combat these issues, the plan usually lacks a proper procedure and cannot be maintained in the long run.

The degradation of the environment in the Niger Delta, is a direct result of oil companies that have failed to take social responsibility into consideration in their various operations. The numerous environmental consequences of oil exploration have become huge obstacles that face development in the Niger Delta. One of these obstacles are oil spills, which mainly occur

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