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Imagine all your human right’s strip away from you within a second. Throughout history governments have denied human right to a certain group of people by adopting new polices and/or violence. A government using violence against it people to get them to agree or even do what they want is still seen today. Throughout history countries like Cambodia and Rwanda are places where the government look away their people’s human rights. By 1970 Cambodia was starting to break apart. During the Vietnam war Cambodia’s government became destabilized. Cambodia was invaded by Saigon and Vietnam which caused the country to be in a lot of trouble. This invasion caused 130,000 new Khmer refugees, 60 percent of refugees in Cambodia’s towns gave U.S bombing …show more content…

Under Pol Pot’s rule in 1975 he declared that this year is zero. He wanted society to be purified in which Capitalism, Western Culture, religion, city life, and foreign influences were to be extinguished in favor of an extreme form of peasant Communism. Pol Pot banned religion, shut down newspaper and television stations and refused medical assistance. He expelled all foreigners and closed embassies. He even banned foreign language. (Doc 5). Not only did Pol Pot banned almost everything he turned Buddhist temples into prisons and turned schools into a headquarter where people would be interrogated toured killed and buried. School yards became killing fields. Books were burned as well. (Doc 6). These are all examples of the denial of human rights. People were basically no longer allowed to be them self or keep their identities. Pol Pot took away the right to basically watch television and read the newspaper, down to even having an education. He even took away the right to speak a different language which are all denials of human rights. As humans, we have the right to be different, we have the right to speak a different language and have an education. The denial of human rights caused the region to lose much of its populations due to this horror of a government. An estimated 1.5 to

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