Essay On Islam Coming To America

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America is being invaded. United States politicians let it happen, and say there is no problem. This enemy is sneaky, patient and has been trying to conquer the west for many years. Islam is the enemy and it is only a matter of time before its followers commit jihad against America. The Muslims are coming to America to radicalize people and attack Americans. Islam is a religion of hate and oppression. The Muslims have conquered and assimilated countries in the past just like how they are doing it now. Islamic people are immigrating to America to radicalize Americans and create terrorist cells. There are many Muslims that come to America for a better life, yet even if a small percentage of those coming to America are radical, the consequences are far-reaching. A small group of these immigrants, can enter highly populated areas and kill many people like they did in the Boston Marathon Bombing terrorist attack. When these homicidal murderers come to…show more content…
People who use the phrase ‘radical islamic’ are just fooling themselves because the terrorists are following the actual doctrines of Islam, not perverting it as the left and leftist media claim. Islam is in favor of killing homosexuals, treating women like second class citizens and killing all of those who do not believe in Allah. In some refugee camps, women do not go out at night for fear of being raped and are treated as inferiors (Hodges). Women in Islam are required to wear their religious strait jacket, which they call a Hijab or Burka. Women are not allowed to go into public without their father or husband, or else be raped, killed, or attacked. Muslims believe in the killing of gays and lesbians just as it says to do in the Koran. It is common knowledge that Muslims believe in killing all infidels and most hate America with a passion. All if not most Muslims believe in the violent Sharia law, which is the law of Islam. This law permits them to do many evil
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