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Lots of people know about Lady Macbeth, but is she as evil as people think? In the play, Macbeth by William Shakespeare, a very controversial topic is Lady Macbeth being evil or not. In the play, she starts off being a manipulative wife to her husband, as far as to kill the king. But later she kills herself out of guilt when Scotland is in shambles. Lady Macbeth, after much investigating is truly an evil character, as well as manipulative. Lady Macbeth is truly an evil character. In the beginning of the play, it tells how much Macbeth is a fierce warrior, but coming home the witches came. As soon as Lady Macbeth heard about the prophecy, she becomes the fierce warrior and Macbeth bends to her every whim. Lady Macbeth is always making Macbeth feel awful, (Act 3, scene V, line 58) “Are you a man?”. This reveals that she is willing to be rude and angry, even to the man that she loves, just for power. Lady Macbeth also asks her ancestors to make her purely evil. What person ask to be truly evil if they’ve any amount of good in them? (Act 1 Scene V Lines 39-42). “Come, you spirits that serve the thoughts of mortals: rid me of the natural tenderness of my …show more content…

Although this causes her to appear weak and guilt ridden, she never once asks for forgiveness. Additionally, Lady macbeth simply accepts the fact that she is partly responsible for the king’s death, showing that she’s not too deeply troubled. “What’s done/cannot be undone. To bed, to bed, to bed.” (Act V, scene ii, lines 58-59). Lady Macbeth did not grieve Duncan’s death for long. Lady Macbeth also is believed to had killed herself over the whole ordeal showing how guilty she is. What her real reason for taking her life was that she knew what was going down and ruined the country, about to get her castle destroyed, so she killed herself before anybody else could get to her. Showing that she is ultimately

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