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Q: What mental/psychological disorders are portrayed in the movie? Answer: The main character of this movie Melvin Udall, is suffered by obsessive compulsive disorder and he his dislike by everyone who meet him due to arrogant attitude. Q: How does the movie relate to the course material covered in class or in your textbook? Please discuss at least four specific scenes and clarify how the movie and course material are related. Answer: Melvin Udall is writer and he is very successful in his field. He has published 62 books. But in the beginning of movie, a throw the neighbor’s dog in the basement. It shows his ruse attitude with others. He is racist and hates other people and try to harm them. At one point he says racist words to his neighbor. In another scene he shows anti-Sematic behavior when he sees a Jew couple in the restaurant. In a scene, …show more content…

This disorder falls in the category of anxiety disorders. In this category, many disorders have common features. . Such anxiety disorders have physical as well as emotional symptom. For example in the physical symptoms, heart rate of person is increased, respiration rate increase, and person feels trembling. Whereas cognitive symptoms are concentration lack, and preoccupation. Emotional symptoms attached with it are terror and agitation. Q: Discuss the best forms of treatment for this person and the prognosis. Answer: Like other anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder is treated by exposure. Most of anxiety disorders are treated through gradual exposure. In case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, intense exposure for treatment is required. In the treatment of this disorder, subject is brought to its obsessions but not allowed to perform the compulsive tasks associate with disorder. In this way over a period of time, this anxiety disorder is

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