The Outsiders Book Vs Movie

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In my English class, we watched “The Outsiders” movie and also read the book. This is a fairly good book as it has won many wonderful reviews and awards. This story is about how the loss of innocence interferes with a certain group of Greasers. Usually when there is a movie based off a book, the movie is never identical. So far “The Outsiders” movie is the most “identical” book-based movie I’ve seen yet. The point of this essay is to show the similarities and differences of the book and the movie by comparing and contrasting. The book and the movie are very much the same, but there definitely distinction between the two.
This movie was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and was released March 25, 1983. In the beginning of the movie, they don’t …show more content…

These are the basic similarities of the book and the movie. The dialogue is basically all the same. In the beginning, Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny go to a drive-in movie. There they meet Cherry and her friend Marcia who are there because they didn’t want to be around their drunk boyfriends. Eventually Ponyboy and Cherry become friends. But after the movie Cherry and Marcia’s boyfriends reappear and threaten to fight the greasers. Cherry stops the fight from happening, and the girls leave with their boyfriends. Pony and Johnny end up staying out until 2 a.m. When Ponyboy confronts a waiting and furious Darry, Pony gets hit. Pony and Johnny go to the park to cool off before heading back home but are beat up by the same Socs they confronted earlier. In the end, Johnny kills the a Soc. Dally helps them run away and go undercover. After Dally reunites with them next, Pony and Johnny help rescue kids from a burning church. But as consequence, they all end up going back and ended up in the hospital with Johnny being close to death. Johnny and Ponyboy became heros and Pony, Darry, and Soda reunite. Pony understands the Socs and how they all are just people after talking to a certain Soc named Randy. Johnny dies and that really upsets Dally. There is a huge rumble which the Greasers win. Dally goes crazy because of Johnny’s death and ends up getting shot for stealing money. Ponyboy

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