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Is the policy of giving methadone to drug addicts a good one? There are many conflicting opinions about this topic. Methadone Maintenance Treatment is a very controversial topic that arises many different attitudes toward the program. Some people believe that Methadone maintenance treatment is a good thing and that it does truly help addicts get over their addictions. Others are against Methadone Maintenance treatment because they believe it is an unnecessary and a waste of money. I personally am against the use of methadone because it does not stop addicts from continuing to do drugs while going through methadone treatment and it lacks the evidence of it actually working. Firstly, I am going to explain what methadone treatment is. Secondly, …show more content…

Being in the methadone program requires multiple doctor visits every week. Methadone patients need to go to the methadone clinic almost everyday to get their treatment plus multiple urine tests and other doctor visits as well. All these appointments make it nearly impossible for patients to find or keep employment. Most people that require methadone treatment are already in poverty and some patients don't have their own homes to live in. Methadone has been described as “liquid handcuffs” by critics because it requires so many check ups and clinic visits a week. Discrimination against recovering addicts is occurring because of the use of methadone treatment. Some people believe that methadone treatment is unnecessary and that addicts should have to get over their addiction themselves rather than use other drugs to help. People can get addicted to methadone even though it does not produce an eutrophic high and some people say that withdrawing from methadone is worse than withdrawals from heroin. Methadone is a very dangerous drug and the doses have to be monitored carefully to prevent overdose and also to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Many people undergoing methadone treatment turn to crime to get what they want and need in life. Many women in methadone treatment admit to being involved in prostitution to earn some extra money. Also many people on methadone treatment continue to do drugs and drink alcohol which could be fatal when mixed with methadone. Methadone increases the chances of depression and anxiety. Methadone treatment also affects unborn babies if the mother is on methadone treatment. Methadone can cause babies to have withdrawal symptoms after birth such as weight gain or weight loss, being overactive, or having seizures. A woman nursing a baby can also pass methadone along to the baby in her breast milk which can cause the baby to have side effects such as vomiting, poor

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