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As both government and population, Canada must band together and implement new systems to aid in the prevention of obesity. There are three central areas that Canada must focus to defeat obesity: youth, government, and foreign policy. Obesity is continually affecting younger individuals, which is developing obesity into a grave ordeal. Only forty-nine percent of preschool obesity cases are acted upon by health professionals, and an even less six per cent of children have their BMI plotted(Kim). Accordingly, more preventative measures need to be implemented in childhood as early as possible because many obesity cases that start young continue throughout the lifetime. Moreover, early obesity is serious because of the lack of physical activity …show more content…

Furthermore, an estimated 1.05 million cases of obesity would be prevented if fifteen minutes of physical activity was implemented in each individual’s day(Picard). Further implementations that the government could include are subsidies for the cost of nutritious foods, taxation policies that promote physical activity, more intense food advertising regulations, tax proposals on sugars, and advertising the harm of processed foods(Ogilvie). Surprisingly enough, a complete, comprehensive countermeasure, including information and programs, would only cost thirty-three dollars per capita to implement(Ogilvie). While Canada would not take prevention to such extremes as other countries such as Japan, it does need to adapt ideas if it is to properly combat obesity: “Citizens must adhere to government-mandated waistline limits or face the [financial] consequences. The government has established waistline limits for adults ages 40 to 74. . . thus minimalizing the ballooning healthcare costs of Japan’s massive aging

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