Causes Of Obesity In America Essay

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According to data from the Center of Disease and Control 35 percent of People in America are extremely obese. The most apparent of causes for such a large amount of fat comes from unhealthy eating habits and inadequate physical activity. These problems occur because of the direction of American culture. With America experiencing a generation of recession, most people are dependent on welfare and lost their sight of hope, which has forced them to not engage in physical activity at home. Many people are not motivated to exercise, when television and browsing the Internet has been providing such a comfort zone. Organic foods are good, but expensive item in America. Most Americans are unable to afford to buy such organic foods, so instead, they rely on the large number of different fast food and frozen dinners. …show more content…

Obesity is camouflaged with statistics of mortality and disease. 19% of American deaths from the late 1980s to 2006 are results by obese signs of illness to adults between the ages 41 and 70 ( Masters, yang, Burger & Link pp 1900). Despite the fact that there has been no updated statistic, Masters, yang and Burger & Link assure that priorities made in retribution to such fearful results have not been completed, that means obesity is a stagnant issue for American mortality. Even for people that are alive and breathe, being overweight is still a main impediment in lifestyle because the obese are lacking the motor skills to become more active. The recent statistics and facts from CDC that I mentioned previously, It is obvious that the different ways to control obesity for Americans has not been efficient. Americans are shortcoming of the ability to eliminate obesity, so there has to be something different that must occur in three of our country's institution. Our country's institutions are schools, restaurants and the American

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