Should Fast Food Be Sold In School Cafeterias

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Should fast food be sold in school cafeterias? Schools have been debating whether or not they should sell fast food in their cafeterias. Many schools believe that selling fast food would help them make more money on school lunches, and that students would eat more food during lunch. But is fast food the best way to do this? No, because many students are already obese, students need to learn to how make healthier choices and, fast food can be addictive to some students. First off, many students in the United States are already obese. Childhood obesity is becoming more common, yet people haven’t done anything to help. In the United States many more people are becoming obese. The amount of obese people has tripled since the 1970s. Nearly 1…show more content…
One of America’s fast food favorites are burgers. Although burgers are a fast food favorite people shouldn’t get them as often because they are extremely unhealthy. Burgers can cause heart issues and have lots of calories in them. And they can also cause weight gain (Comparing Fast Food Nutrition). This shows that although burgers may taste really good, they cause more harm than good. Also homemade food is a lot better than greasy fast food, and it can also teach students how to make healthier choices. Cooking food at home is a lot better for your health than fast food is (Comparing Fast Food Nutrition). This means that making food at home is going to end up being a lot better people's health than fast food. Fast food is unhealthy and almost everyone knows that but still people continue to eat it. Even though people know fast food is terrible for them, they still continue eating it (Scott Christ). This shows that students need to learn how to make healthier decisions for…show more content…
Many people believe this because, fast food can be cheaper than school lunches and cheaper than packing a lunch at home (Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food). This means that students that get fast food will most likely save more money than those who pack their own lunches. Fast food also is fast and easy to get and students do not have to wait for the lunch lady's to make the food (Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food). However, not all fast food is what it seems. Many burgers from fast food places are actually made of about 50% water and very little beef (Scott Christ). This shows that although fast food has few advantages it still has more disadvantages. Even if fast food is cheaper and saves some time, it still causes harm to many people who consume it too

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