The Role Of Obesity Epidemic In America

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Obesity is an epidemic in America that is continuously becoming worse than it was a few years ago. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 40% of U.S women are obese; also, the prevalence of childhood obesity remains at 17%. Obesity in America has been attributed to many factors. For instance, over consumption of fast food. The fast food industry in America is a vast industry that makes quick, satisfying meals at a very low cost. Also increased rate of obesity has been related to numerous socioeconomic aspects such as poverty, recipients of SNAP benefits, joblessness and low income. According to the U.S Census data, Alabama is the fourth poorest state with 12.7 percent of the residence living below the poverty line. Likewise, there are numerous health effects associated with obesity include; hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Joint problems, psychosocial effects among many others. …show more content…

Autonomy, is the patients right to make decisions about matters that impact the patient. For instance, guided by the data collected after a health assessment autonomy would allow a patient to create a meal plan and exercise activities that would assist them in achieving their set goal. For example, if the client’s goal is to eat three small meals each day that result in a 400-calorie reduction in intake, it is the nurse’s role to support the patient, and help them achieve

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