Elvis Presley's Evolution Essay

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Hail the human race, but I never knew a person can gyrate their body part of their body with such vigor and dedication such as I see today. I doubt if whether Elvis Presley were to wake up today he would do a gig with Justin Bieber or Shakira and go home celebrating how they fired up the place. Or would he go home complaining how the song lacked harmony, or they were too synthetic or lacked a particular instrument? I don’t for a second doubt whether The Beatles and Lady Gaga would find common ground when it comes to rebellion and controversy, but would share the same platform. Disappointingly, this new crop of musician will always find a way to get inspired by a Diana Ross, a Michael Jackson, or an Elvis Presley. These are some of the woes I go through when I look at today’s popular music, and they are the reason why I mourn for the good old and gone times of Thriller, and Billie Jean. Almost every decade that passes always comes with a new style of music, but the 1980’s was a period of exponential evolution in the pop industry that has remained unmatched to date.
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And it is not just about the evolution of music. Technological advancement has helped instant sharing of music, global presence, and contact between fans and artists has much harm just as it has done well. It is with this technology that some musicians have grown lazy and only sample other peoples songs or re-mix them instead of creating new music. Take them back to the 80’s and they will just be wannabes. Is it a wonder that the best selling album of all time comes this same decade? I can only equate Whitney Houston’s 1985 song ‘How Will I Know’ to a time machine, you get in and you are thrust into a world of timelessness. I cannot imagine living in a world with o computers or smart-phones, but when it comes to pop music, take me back there and I will

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