Ronald Reagan Biography Essay

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Ronald Reagan was the 40th presidents of the United States of America, he was an actor. Ronald wanted to be in the entertainment business when he was younger, and he did so by being in more than 50 films. Reagan served in World War II; he had bad eyesight, during his time in the war he sent most of his time making training films. Ronald Reagan became president at the age of 69, he was one of our oldest presidents on record. On March 30, 1981, a 25-year old named John Hinckley Jr. shot Ronald just outside the Washington D.C Hilton Hotel. Three others peoples were also injured in the shooting as well. TV show of the 80ss was Falcon Crest, Dallas (who killed J.R), three 's company, Cheers, The A-Team, Full house, The Wonder Years, Who 's the boss?, The Dukes of Hazzard, Seinfeld, Miami Vice, Growing Pains, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Family Matters, Happy days, Night Court, Coronation Street was a British a television programmer, The Jeffersons, Magnum, P.I., WKRP in Cincinnati, Roseanne, A Different World, and MacGyver. Some teenager did not watch television a whole lot, they would have rather hangout with friends, play sport, or didn’t have time. One of the biggest …show more content…

The Reason music at this time in history or any point in history remains to be would be hard to say, is to Genre, you had so many different people that all listed to different stuff. The way you would choice your music would have to do with the upbringing, and what your parents were listening to, and in your life at the time is going to have a huge impact on music influences. The Biggest Influence that music had in the 80s’ on society as a whole was the introduction of MTV. Allowed people to watch their favorite musicians or groups portray their favorite songs. It enabled them to begin to idolize their favorite artists, it helped them to have new Ideas of what was going on in pop culture in other areas around the nation, and the world etc. It also helped influence allot of teens to dress at the

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