Essay On Puritan Religion

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In exasperation of the Angelica church, not following the scriptures, early puritans came to America to escape persecution. Puritans believed that God had formed a unique covenant, or agreement with them. They believed in a new sect in which God’s law was held supreme. They believed that the bible and its message were above man’s law, and therefore that , it was the key to salvation. Most of the dissenters settled in New England, and it was in these new colonies that they establish a close-knit community governed by absolute religious faith and strict discipline. Church attendance in puritan communities was mandatory. For the Puritans, religious and political life were completely intertwined. The Puritans believed in predestination, that people were either born sinful and bound to a life in hell,or they were destined to be saved.

Similarities between the puritan time and twenty first century are, How both believe in a life of hard work, and self-discipline. Also they believe in those who engaged in gossip, drunkenness and adultery were people with no morals and were disrespectful to the community. Puritans believed that Sunday was the day to go to church and everyone should attend, till this day Sunday are the days to go to church and spend it with family. Back then they used to believe in Satan 's work, and …show more content…

Today, woman can do as much as a man can do, they can vote and have the same jobs a male have. They also believed that gay people and Transgenders were an abomination of god and they were cursed for life. Today 's twenty first century, believe on how everyone is different and unique in their own way. Puritans believed that God’s law was supreme, and the bible and its message were above man’s law. Today we believed in different laws and a better a

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