Essay On Qin Dynasty

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The Qin dynasty that preceded Han had experienced tremendous social unrests during its final years. After reuniting the Central Chinese Plain, Qin Shi Huangdi governed as a dictator through strict laws through harsh punishments in accordance to the Legalist philosophy of Duke Shangyang and Han Feizi.1 The state executed individuals for as such petty offences as failure to report others’ crimes or to prevent the escape of convicts, and delay in government mission for any reason. Along with the draconian legal system, compulsory labour and high taxes exacerbated the plight of the peasants;2 Shihuangdi drafted 15% of the total workforce into major imperial projects, such as military campaigns against the northern Xiongnu and the construction of his mausoleum, a new palace of A Fang gong, plus the Great wall,3 all from which countless numbers of people died. The aristocracy and scholars suffered as well. The imperial court disbanded all hereditary feudal domains and forced nobles to live in the capital, Xianyang;6 meanwhile, dissident scholars feared assassinations. Misery intensified after Shihuangdi’s death. His successor, Qin Er Shi, a puppet of the eunuch, Zhao Gao, murdered officials, raised taxes, and sustained his …show more content…

His royal-aristocratic background and the military experience in having led the anti-Qin coalition of feudal kingdoms allowed Xiang Yu to prevail in the initial stage of the conflict. However, Liu Bang eventually won the war to become the ultimate ruler of China. Thus, three centuries of glorious Han dynasty had

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