Essay On Romeo And Juliet Pre-Determined Fate

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People inflict their own wounds during their life by the choices that they make, however these actions will eventually lead to life's pre-determined fate. I belive that the actions of Romeo & Juliet are primarily based on a pre-determined fate. In the very start of the play, the prolouge predicts Rome and Juliet's life together as having a "star-crossed" conclsion. So right out of the gate we know that Romeo & Juliet's lives had an ill-fated end. Romeo & Juliet could see that there life wasn't going the way that they wanted it to go, because there we're so many barriers put between their love. For example, Juliet is to drink a potion to make her appear dead, and later wake to be free of the shame of marrying Paris. Here, Friar Lawrence assured Juliet …show more content…

When Juliet wakes from her planned sleep and finds Romeo dead beside her, she kills herself. You could say that it was free will that Juliet commited suicide, however like anger, fear is also a powerful motivator. Picture yourself in this situation: You just woke up from a deep sleep to find someone trying to rush you out of the place you were just resting in moments before. You see one of the most cherished persons in your life lying dead on the floor, and are soon left to your own devices after being left by the paniced Friar, with guards on their way, you could either choose to face the consequences of faking your own death, and possible murder of Romeo, or you could choose the easy way out and be reunited with your lover. The answer is obvious, it wasn't a matter of free will, the circumstances surrounding her decision were not fault of her, and when there is a much easier way, fate seemingly commands you to do as it pleases. It seems that Romeo and Juliet’s lives were controlled by fate up to the very end. Both of them made what turned out to be bad decisions and ultimately destroyed both of their lives. In the end, fate had it’s

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