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Written Paper 3: Laws and Order Sex offender legislation is the most important factor to try and keep neighborhoods safe from sexual offenders. Sex offender legislation is a form of prevention or punishment for sex offenders by enforcing different policies and laws that address sexual offending. This type of legislation is created to try and keep the public safe from sexual offenses by regulating the behavior of sexual offenders and by providing resources and support to victims of such crimes.
Every state has their own laws and policies for sexual offenses, but a lot of states follow similar guidelines. In addition to laws and policies, there are treatments to be used in conjunction with the laws and policies that are in place to help rehabilitate the offender. The sex offender registry is a form of legislation that exists in every one of the fifty states in the United States. Although the idea of a sex offender registry seems like a smart way to try and protect the public, it can be very controversial and not entirely effective. …show more content…

The most successful part of sentencing sexual offenders to jail time is separating them from society. The main goal for sex offender legislation is to protect society, and this is probably the most effective. Although it is not common for sex offenders to face jail time, it is a form of legislation that needs to be used more often. If sentenced to jail time, the sentences would range from 6 months to 25+ years, which during this time, is the perfect time for the offenders to receive treatment, if possible, and be separated from those they might harm (California Sex Offender Sentencing Guidelines 2020). States try to come up with different forms of treatment and legislation to protect society from these offenses, but it is not very often they would sentence them to jail time, which almost all members of society would feel safer

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