Essay On Sexual Assault In Ethiopia

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In 2014, 16 year old Hanna Lalango was abducted while riding a public taxi. For eleven days, she was trapped in one of the men's house and continuously raped for several days. They then left her on the street. Hanna was then able to call her father and went to the hospital. She came to the hospital very late and doctors worked around the clock to treat her genital wounds. The wounds were very deep and infected. During her final days, Hanna was able to tell her story and help the police catch suspects. After 22 days in the hospital, Hanna Lalango passed away due to her injuries. This is just one of the few heartbreaking stories of sexual assault in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of the top ten countries with the highest rape rates in the world. In…show more content…
A study in an Ethiopian province done by the World Health Organization showed that 54% of women reported sexual violence, physical violence, or both. 31% experienced sexual violence only (Sexual Assault patterns). This comes to show how often any type of assault on women is. Seuxal assault and rape play a large part in Ethiopian society. Sexual harassment is constantly happening, but is almost extreme in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, it is common for men to work together with friends to kidnap a women and sometimes even use a horse for a better escape. The abductor would hide his prize and rape her until she is pregnant. Girls as young as eleven have been kidnapped for the sole purpose of marriage (highest rape crime). Men take women and use them. These types of abductions are common in Ethiopia. With it happening everywhere there, the society and economy of Ethiopia is failing. One such victim of sexual assault is Tejnesh Leweg’neh. She was abducted by 3 men who tried to force her to marry one of them. She refused. The next day, after she refused a second time, they pushed her off a cliff. She survived, but is now paralyzed from the waist down (women to turn tide). Many cases like this start with women saying no and then hurt by men in some way. Sexual harassment is very much visible throughout Ethiopian streets. In Ethiopia, sexual assault is

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