Essay On Suicide In Hamlet

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Suicide is the ultimate defense against life’s trouble because its offers a peaceful sleeps, but what dreams may interrupt that sleep? Shakespeare’s Hamlet is discussing about suicide as well as death. Even though death offer peace, but the afterlife which is unknown makes people cowardly to commit suicide. Hamlet and Ophelia are the two characters in Hamlet who are involved with suicide, although Hamlet only contemplates it, but Ophelia actually commits suicide. Throughout the play, the act of suicide is treat religiously, morally and aesthetically.
Throughout the play, suicide is mention by Hamlet and the suicide that he mentions is something that is related with death and decay. The …show more content…

As suicide is related to death, so it also related to mortality and afterlife. So, the issue of suicide which related to mortality and afterlife is the significant role in this play. Afterlife is exist for people who believe in God and these types of people have their own religion and belief. The reason the play of Hamlet is treating suicide religiously is firstly because it was written on 16th century in England where this time was the time of religion be the main source of anxiety and violence. A new kind of religious thinking is introduced by the Protestant Reformation to the English people. However, the way of Protestant and Catholics saw the important issues of life and death were still confusing to people at this time. The cause of most of the trouble throughout the play facing by Hamlet as well as the other character is because of Hamlet’s constant indecision. Hamlet is losing his courage due to the incident of his father is dead then his mother remarried too quickly. His mother’s new husband is his father’s brother which then these incident leads him to some consternation. This is because he is a young man who is sensitive to the issues of life, death and the afterlife. In his first soliloquy, Hamlet

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