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Target corporation was first established in 1902. Originally based in New York, USA. Today, Target is one of the world's largest retailers. Target has been a very successful company for many years. Target is known for its affordable prices, trendy products, and convenience store locations. The company has also invested heavily in its e-commerce platform, enabling customers to shop online and have products delivered to their doorstep. In addition, Target is strongly committed to sustainability and social responsibility, undertaking various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and give back to local communities. Target Corporation has a strong corporate culture centred around core values of inclusion, diversity, teamwork and innovation. The company has a clearly defined mission statement that guides its operations and decisions. It satisfies our 'Expect More. Pay' less. The Brand Promise Target's corporate culture is known for being collaborative and collaborative, with an emphasis on employees making decisions and taking responsibility for their work. The company provides opportunities for career development and growth, encouraging employees to take on new challenges, think creatively and find solutions to problems. …show more content…

In response, Target adapted its business model to remain competitive in the changing retail environment, investing heavily in its e-commerce platform to offer faster shipping options and more flexible payment and delivery options. Additionally, Target faces criticism and protests from employee and labour rights groups over issues such as low wages, inadequate benefits and anti-union practices. The company responded by raising the minimum wage, expanding benefits and introducing new policies to improve working conditions and promote a more inclusive and diverse

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