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Article’s of Confederation Essay Article’s of Confederation Essay There are many problems with our government system. The Article’s of Confederation are poor, there are differences between governments; and the country does not have a constitution. What is happening to the United States of America right now? There are multiple problems with the Article’s of Confederation. The states have too much power, and the Federal government is not strong enough. According to document 2, there is no national court system, no power to enforce treaties, no power to raise an army, and that they have no power to collect taxes. These points basically say we don’t have a good army/defense, we cannot collect taxes and that we don’t have a sufficient enough …show more content…

They were the Three-fifths Compromise and the Great Compromise. These were all related to the sectional differences between the states. The southern state’s wanted more power, and so did the northern states. Basically the southern state’s had a small population, which meant they did not have a lot of say in government. The southern states population constituted mostly of slaves. This was bad because of the three-fifths compromise as only 60 percent of the total votes casted by the slaves would be counted. This meant they had less say in government while bigger states like the Northern states had more say in government. (Document 4 and prior knowledge). This was totally unfair. There were two plans which were the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan. The Virginia Plan Gave supreme power to the central government. It had Had a bicameral (2 house) legislature—both houses had representatives based on state population. This favored large states not small states. This was unfair to the small states. There was another plan called the New Jersey Plan. The New Jersey Plan gave supreme power to state governments. It Had a Unicameral (1 house) legislature with Equal representation. This favored small states. This was unfair to larger states. Both plans differed completely. To resolve these differences The Great Compromise happened. The Great Compromise was a system of federalism—power is shared between the state government and the

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