Analysis Of The Poem 'Epic Of Gilgamesh'

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The Epic of Gilgamesh, is a Mesopotamian narrative poem which was first told orally in Sumer. It has many different versions,but all have many missing lines. And it talks about Gilgamesh. But who is Gilgamesh? Gilgamesh was the best known of all Mesopotamian heroes. He was two-thirds of god and one-third human, which made him the wisest, most handsome and strongest of mortals. He was the king of ancient Sumerian city, but his power had gone to his head and he spended all his time having endless athletic competitions and having sex with any young women that he desired.
Until one day that the citizens of Uruk couldn´t tkae it any longer and they pray to the gods for help. The god Anu listened there prayers and told the goddess Auru to create another man able to match Gilgamesh. And so Endiku, an uncivilized wild man was created and placed in the woods. There he ate all kind of animals,killing their lifestock and dipriving their food. He also had several run ins with a
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Gilgamesh lamented the lost of his friend, and determined not to share his fate. Then he decided to travel to speak to Utahapishtim, the only human granted immortality. The journey borught Gilgamesh to Mount Mashu, where two scorpions guarded the entrance of the passage. He was alowed to continue as they knew he was looking for Utahapishtim. He then traveled through the mountain, seeking for the boatman, who might possibly take him acroos the the waters of death. despite getting a bad first impression Urshanabi, the boatman helped him cross the waters. And he meat Utahapishtim on the other side, and he told Gilgamesh that a long time ago the gods decided to destroy humanity with a great flood. But before anything happened he ans his wife got a warning from the god Ea, and he told them to build a enormous ship and to store in it all kinds of living creatures and people. And when everything was over, he and his wife where granted
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