Compare And Contrast Tang And Song Dynasty

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Ancient China was a highly developed civilization whose many dynasties each had some kind of significant development, let it be in trade, invention, art, religion, government, or architecture. Two dynasties in particular, however, marked the Golden Age of Chinese history. This period is known for its large economic revolution. The two dynasties were called the Tang & Song Dynasty. The Tang & Song Dynasties were experiencing a Golden Age due to the fact that they had a fair system in granting government positions, brought highly advanced inventions to the world, and had very intricate architecture. During the Golden Age, many lavish buildings began being built with new materials, decorations and designs. During this time, Marco Polo made a visit to China, hoping to see what the country was like. In …show more content…

Because the architecture was advancing with new materials and building designs, modern-day China now has some temples and houses built in a more modernized style derived from the styles commonplace in the Tang & Song Dynasty. As a result of the Civil Service Exam, there is now an entrance exam taken in China that determines what college you will go to. As the original exam determined where you would rank in the government, the entrance exam determined what subject, college and education level you would get. And finally, from the marvelous inventions that flourished throughout China, they are now used commonly today. For example, the mechanical clock is now a daily household item, serving as a daily reminder for the time. Porcelain is now used in kitchenware and dollhouse sets, as well as some home appliances. These three main factors show that the Tang & Song Dynasties were, in fact, a Golden Age because not only did they heavily impact future generations, but it marked China as one of the most progressive civilizations of all

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