Essay On The Great Mahele

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The Great Mahele affected all the lands of Hawaii. Hawaiian land redistribution was proposed by King Kamehameha III in the 1830s and enacted in 1848. Because the whites wanted to have Hawaii become more like America, they influenced King Kamehameha III to change from feudal system to a system where people own their own land. This Great Mahele or Land Division causes a lot of political, social, and cultural changes that will be discussed later in this paper. Today, we also see how this Land Division is shown through how we have private ownership of land. Many liked this same but at the same time, many Hawaiians hated this new system. The key reason as to why this division happened was due to the foreigners and what they did to influence …show more content…

Since there were many farms with sugar, sugar cane workers were needed due to the growing industry. This led to the diversifying of cultures because there wasn’t enough Hawaiian’s to meet the demand of sugar cane workers, so many foreigners such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipinos came to find jobs. It also impacted culturally because it provided cultural diversity of the workers that worked on the fields. People who worked sometimes went back to their home country, but the people who stayed got to bring their culture to Hawaii and spread what they know and learned and with so many people of different backgrounds, it created diversity. Another cultural impact is that foreigners came and brought their culture and ways to the islands. Since many commoners were not familiar with the new land system, they didn’t get land but instead it went to many foreigners. With all the foreigners coming to own property and to live on Hawaii, their culture automatically was mixing with Hawaiian ways because the whites were abundant. Now that we have covered the cultural effects of the Great Mahele, we will now move on to the political effects of

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