Essay On Africa Before 1500 Ce

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Africa before 1500 ce was a time where many events happened that changed the civilization of Africa forever. Africa invented trades, cultures, traditions, and so many other things that affected Africa in many ways. There is a huge timeline that explains all the events that happen in Africa, what year they happen, and why they happen in the first place. Africa along with other certain continents had major events happened before 1500 ce. Since I chose Africa I will be explaining what was Africa before 1500 ce. Before the 1500 ce Africa had many trades, cultures, and also some encounters with Islam. In 1000 ce Islam invaded the West African State, in Dr. Mayers, 2012 study of Africa he stated that the spread of Islam revealed the power of the religion, commercial, and also the military qualities. Many civilizations were being change without being close to at least one Islamic statement. Islam had spread so much in Africa that Islamization had served to connect with Africa and connected more with the outside world through trade, religion, and …show more content…

Before 1500 ce, many civilizations like Kush, Axum, and Great Zimbabwe expanded through Africa, most of these societies were governed by councils and other aged based institutions. The religions and philosophy beliefs were focused in maintaining its connection with their ancestors who were able to communicate with the gods, it was very rare due to there being the orthodox Christian Church. Most of these societies were small, they were occupied with farming, herders, and had produced any of agricultures so they would be able to survive and exchange in local market stores, they could also be part of many large empires and were expected to make a surplus or perform other types of obligations for overlords. These societies were organized in a great way and were governed in many different ways and were

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