Summary: The Atlantic Slave Trade

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Over twelve million Africans were captured and taken against their will by Europeans in the Atlantic slave trade from about 1525-1866. The experience that the slaves endured was horrendous, unsanitary and overall the worst time of their lives. The middle passage was where the slaves were taken from Africa to the Americas via ships. After they arrived in the Americas, they were sold and forced to work for their new owners. Due to strong European force, slaves experienced dehumanization through being captured from their villages and tortured, living with awful conditions on ships, and being sold against their will to Americans.
Europeans invaded African villages out of nowhere; Africans were caught by surprise with no chance to fight back, and …show more content…

Masters knew that “running away was common. People ran because they had been mistreated or they were afraid they were going to be sold, or they just wanted to be free” (Lester 21). Slaves were tired of working all the time and they just wanted to have their freedom like the Americans; but the attempt at this freedom came with consequences. If a slave was caught running away, they were harshly tortured and in some cases even murdered. This occurred so that the other slaves could watch and see what would happen to them if they tried to escape. Some slaves were branded with their master’s name or a symbol so that everyone would know who they belonged to and that they did something wrong. Working for the Americans was as harsh and dehumanizing as the voyage that was taken to get there.
The Atlantic slave trade was when Africans were taken to the Americas by Europeans to be sold and forced to work. First, they were tortured on the way to the slave ships and aboard the ships. On the ships, the slaves were kept in tight spaces, shackled together living with disease and little food and water. When they arrived in the Americas, the slaves were sold and forced to work for their new masters. The slaves had to be mentally, physically and emotionally strong to survive this awful experience. Through every phase of this awful experience, the slaves were dehumanized and

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