Essay On The Red Scare

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The phrase " The Red Scare " is something that Americans feared for a long time during the Cold War and raised many issues for the country .The Red Scare isn't something new to the country , considering its sightings in 1886 with the idea of labor laws , and then again right after World War One that involved a lot of social unrest in the nineteen twenties . However, when it rolls back around after the success of World War Two , Americans are shook to their core to hear anything about The Red Scare and the fear of communism . A reason behind most of the sudden fear was the fact that many Americans felt blindsided by the hardness coming from The Soviet Union . The relationship between the United States and The Soviet Union was based mainly out …show more content…

McCarthy was a public figure that many Americans believed in and rooted for. Even though now in history, we see McCarthy as a villain in the scene of the Cold War, millions of American's at the time saw him to be simply wonderful. One thing that McCarthy was know for, was the number of people he had accused of being communist. McCarthy held hearings, and even brought hundreas of people infront of senate commities, that later on ruined many peoples lives. It was even said in the Pearson's video about McCarthy that he would carry around an envelope of names in his pockets during his press interviews and speeches , claiming to have hundreds of names of known communist that were involved in the government . Even though his number changed about every time he used this statement , people still were on his side and believed him. to why that many Americans believed him was from the said " proof " he had against the accused people . He had a way of speaking to the public that made them believe every word he said , no matter if it was truth or a lie .Americans never really questioned his actions as well and were always on the side of McCarthy . Americans were so paranoid of communism , and its so called " threats " they were willing to believe anything that seemed like hard facts against the matter, and believed him for just seeing that McCarthy was the only one that had the guts to talk about what was going

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