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Choice of Materials is among the prime strategy used to achieve level of coziness in tropical region, light materials with low thermal storage capacity and high insulation characteristic are well matched to totally absorb and release heat, such as wood. It is also significant to have the understanding of materials behavior when exposed to high humidity, as it is necessary to prevent wear of the materials used, especially those in direct contact with the weather condition and ground. (APA style). The materials used in the vernacular design are normally taken from home resources to facilitate of approachability to all forms of constructible natural materials. Creative uses of the material are made into climate responsive design to mainly control…show more content…
Thermal mass is not insulation; it keeps and releases heat whereas insulation acts to stop heat flowing through a building. It functions to delay the heat flow through the building by as much as 10-12 hours, creating a warmer indoor environment at night and cooler indoor environment during daytime.
The openings of the mud shed encourage cool night breezes to pass through the building and carry out the stored heat energy from the thermal mass. On the other hand, shading and insulation are added to protect the thermal mass from the sunlight.
Although Sekeping Serendah in also made also of large window frames, therefore the cooling of the retreat is still effective. There are no mechanical cooling systems used in the design but only depending on natural ventilation to achieve the required percentage of coziness. Such as Contemporary design, glass windows are use to allow access of the view and also allow natural lighting to the interior space. Thermal comfort is no longer an issue with low emissive glass and proper ventilation of the interior. With technology advances, glass is made with insulation properties and it function better that a massive wall, which has high thermal

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