Essay On Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Statute For Religious Freedom

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When looking at Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and Dallin H. Oaks “Religion in Public Life” you see both side of the argument about religion and religious freedom. Thomas Jefferson calling for a separation of Religion and government in his Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. While Dallin H. Oaks recognizes and sees that as we separate these two things, government and religion more and more soon they will stop supporting each other and start attacking each other. In Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom he emphasizes the point that the government needs to be separate from religion. The colonists just can from England where religion and government were as one. The King was also the head of the Church and they believed he had divine right to rule because of that. Over time the Church and the King/Government started to separate. The colonists can to this new land to escape persecution of religion because there did …show more content…

Oaks in his talk “Religion in Public Life” goes over his experience’s. He tells how he worked in the government and how he says firsthand the public officials go over the First Amendment and how they deciphered the meaning and interpreted it. He explains how he saw the rulings about prayers in school unfold he believed it to be on the right track. He then goes on to explain how that one small thing bloomed into a bigger problem. That as those against religion pushed and pushed to get it “away” from them, to separate government and religion farther to the point the they were not just separated but they became against one another. They have taken religion out of all schools in any degree. Religion is what make our country, it’s why we are here today. Whether you agree with it or not that’s what helped form our nation as we know it. In our day it has become our role to stand firm in defending religion. Not only for our selves and the LDS Church, but for all

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