What Role Did Religion Play In The English Colonies

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Religion played a great role in the establishment of the English colonies. The main reason the English traveled to North America was to escape religious persecution. Once the English settled in they created colonies, and established rules for a religious society. They would also try to convert Natives into Christianity, and they established universities to practice ministry. Once the English settlers got to North America, the House of Burgesses in 1619 said they would try to convert Native children specifically boys into a “ true religion”, then eventually teach them how teach them how to be Christian civil people. High schools were created for Christian boys to continue their studies on religion. Harvard was created in 1636 so young men could study ministry. In 1638 the first Baptist Church was created in Rhode Island. When more churches were created more rules were established that based daily life and behavior on religion. Hence the Blue Laws were created in the 17th century to enforce religious behaviors and ideas. The Blue Laws demanded religious change to daily colonial life, they would prohibit people from selling alcohol on Sundays. These laws would prohibit businesses to open on Sundays, and everyone would be required to attend church on Sundays if not they would drag people of their homes and take them to …show more content…

The lack of religiousness led to more and more colonist assuming 200 people partook in witchcraft. Dissidents started uprising more and this led to more relations with the Natives people. As relations with the Natives grew the church influenced colonist less, which may have led to the colonist rebelling against their higher power. Religion may have also been the cause of the French- Indian war. The French were Catholic and the British were Protestant, hence to them having a “who is” better conflict for seven years, even though they were almost exactly the

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