Essay On Titanic Tragedy

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The Titanic was beautiful and the biggest ship that was ever built, and almost everybody knows its story. According to Alan Boyle in the website, “10 causes of titanic tragedy”, the Titanic was designed and commissioned by White Star Line(1). Boyle also claim that Titanic wight over 45000 ton(1). In the video “10 Captivating Facts About the Titanic Sinking”, by the group “World 5 List”, it assumed that Titanic length is 206.06 meters, it’s breathes 32 meters, and it’s height is 28.19 meter(0:09). What a gigantic ship Titanic was! According to Stephane Mcpherson, “IceBurg, right ahead”, the accident was too place at night, and the freezing water is -2 Celsius(23). Also, the group “World 5 List” claim that 2200 people was on the ship, but only 386 people recovered, 20% man survive, 74% woman survived, and 52% children survived(6:12). Wow, the Titanic tragedy is like a slaughter. Even though the Titanic have the most luxury, but the safety was given up and there are no safety tools and plans. According to a website “10 causes of the Titanic tragedy”, by Alan…show more content…
First, Boyle claimed that they have planed a bad journey mostly because, the weather. For example, in winter, the climate causes more iceberg, and the tide sent icebergs southward(1). However, Boyle also said that Titanic were trying to beat a record, so they travel at 23 - 24 knots instead of traveling at 4 knots(1). In the video called,“Haunting Titanic facts”, “Tilltanic” claimed that the first class was put on the center and the top of the ship, with least amount of the passengers(3:07). That means, the lower class was on the bottom, with least amount of the passengers. So, most of the passengers need to climb up to the top in order to be rescued, and it is a hard thing to do, so many passengers have died. If you want to learn more about why did so many people died when the Titanic sunk. Read
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