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In second language learning, using visual aids is a necessity teaching strategy in both English as Second Language (ESL) classroom and English as Foreign Language (EFL) classroom (Allen, Kate & Marquez, 2011). They believed that using visual aids in the process of teaching a foreign language can strengthen what learners have learned and increase their interest. In their article, they proposed the positive impact of using visuals and they concluded that teachers should become aware of the strategies in which they can use visual aids and use them purposefully in the classroom to enhance students’ learning. Visual aids can be defined as using objects, drawings, charts, photographs, videos, multimedia presentation, etc. in the classroom. During our everyday life, all the time we are in contact with lots of visuals, which can be beneficial for learning too. Researchers believed in the positive effect of visuals on learning. Gambrell and Jawitz (1993) indicated that visuals aids which are used during teaching a text can improve the comprehension of the text, as using them makes learners more engaged in the text. The impact of visuals in the process of teaching is so important, as using unrelated visuals can decrease the learning of learners. As a result, Hibbing and…show more content…
As a result, in this article he proposed different kinds of visuals and how they can be used in the classroom. Yunus, Salehi, and John (2013) conducted a research to investigate the teachers’ opinion toward using visual aids in classroom. Therefore, they selected 52 English teachers in Malaysia and interviewed with them. The majority of teachers believed in the significant effect of visual aids on teaching materials. In fact, they used visual aids to engage the students and also make the materials more interesting for
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