Argumentative Essay On Graphic Design

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Graphic Design has always been an ever evolving and changing field. Graphic design-like activities can be found throughout history like the ancient cave paintings or the manuscript of the Middle Ages. As the true purpose of graphic design is to communicate, technology has since made this process more effective, extending the reach and spread of information. This allows graphic design to have a higher level of impact that cannot be achieved without the use of technology.
Since IBM introduced the first personal computer in 1981 and following with Apple introducing the first Macintosh in 1984, graphic design has had huge advances for the better and has since become an ally and tool for modern-day designers. While in the old days a designer would have to use the time consuming “cut and paste” method to create layouts, now they can simply click and drag elements around in Adobe Indesign. Typography has evolved from the days when Johannes Guternberg introduced the mechanical movable type to the point where, in the present day designers can just simple kern or track type with the push of a mouse button. The versatility in digital products like the Adobe Creative Suite allows the designer to be more experimental in their creation and thus pushing boundaries on what can be created. …show more content…

Plagiarism, for example, is considered the biggest disadvantage of the internet. It’s easy for people to copy work or even take work and sell as their own. Besides, there’s a risk of computers when designers tend to confuse functionality and creativity, in result creating boring and systematic work. Although the advanced computer software can be overwhelmingly convenient in creating design work, designers are still the thinkers and the backbone to any creative work. This is why it’s good practice for a designers to sketch out their ideas on paper first, then only move on to a digital

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